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尺寸:67.5*51.5*3.5 cm




Paper quality: International acid-free white cardboard

Printing: inkjet printing

Size: 67.5*51.5*3.5 cm


Please contact us if you have any questions

Iran 2004

  • 本作品用的是黑或銀的鋁框,此為國際攝影展使用的鋁框,作品使用防酸卡紙,不外加壓克力,已呈現作品原貌,如需外加壓克力,請事先告知。


    This work uses a black or silver aluminum frame. This is the aluminum frame used in the International Photography Exhibition. The work uses acid-proof cardboard, but the original appearance of the work has been displayed. If you need external pressure, please inform in advance .

  • 運送過程中如有破裂,毀損,請將作品寄還給我們,因作品後面有版號,再補寄新的版號產品,謝謝


    If there are any cracks or damages during shipping, please return the work to us. Because there is a version number at the back of the work, please send a new version of the product, thank you

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