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Not only a dentist am I but a photographer.

Almost all my works were created using traditional slides. I have traveled to more than 60 countries and have been looking for one thing, that is," touching " . I almost became a victim of anti-terrorism in Afghanistan in 2004. I was taken away by the secret police in Iraq in 2009. Two soldiers with guns in Lebanon asked me why I was taking pictures in military fortress. A soIdier aimed at me in an outpose at the Green line ( intersection between North and South Cyprus) in 2003. I was taken to the police station by the police at the Wailing Wall in Israel in 2001. Every time when I returned to my country safely, there was always a touch of falling leaves. My works were showing a “touching in your soul”. Mankind is a soul-rich animal. The most important element in the soul is "love". When you look at the world with love, the world is different and is changing gradually by your love. My works often show the loneliness of human beings, the love in my mind, the desire for survival, the helplessness of life, the greatness of the Creator, and the many elements that exist deep inside you and me.

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